This is the theoretical online course, to accompany the practical NTD education.
This course is designed for pet dog trainers who wish to include mantrailing and detection in their classes.
Training a pet dog with a non-professional handler, often takes a different approach from training a professional SAR-dog, who has been selected for the job.

Topics will include:

  • Motivation and Arousal
  • Odor
  • Anotomy of the Nose
  • Journey of Scent
  • Neurology of Olfaction
  • The peculiar case of the Olfactory System

The topics will be added as the practical course continues.

Hi, I'm Els and this is my girl Lissa.

After studying for 11 years in the field of physical therapy for humans (physiotherapy, manual therapy and osteopathy) Els' interests shifted to canine behaviour and she followed courses with Turid Rugaas and Amber Batson, among others.

Now she is combining all these different fields in her own Belgian-based business FreeDogz.

Els is an international speaker, she has given lectures and workshops in several countries. The main topics have been the anatomical reasons in a dog’s neck to use harnesses and sensory integration for dogs, a new look at behaviour and behaviour modification. Above all, she is passionate about sharing her insights to help dogs and their owners.

With a keen understanding that the body and emotions cannot be separated, Els has successfully used sensory integration in both canine motor rehabilitation and canine behaviour therapy.


Topics will be added as the practical course continues.

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